Humifilter Cooler Filters

Humifilter Cooler Filters are a free hanging filter made from natural minerals and breathable materials. Used in walk-in & reach-in coolers and freezers, Humifilter absorbs excess moisture, controls humidity, and removes ethylene gas and odors. Each filter is specifically designed for either the food or floral industry. This is accomplished by using Humifilters exclusive all natural mineral called Trilite that is one of the most absorbent minerals in the world. Humifilter Cooler Filters are used in coolers and freezers in the restaurant, grocery, convenience, schools, hospitals, hotels, floral Industries.

Our exclusive line of filters:

  • Absorbs excess moisture and controls humidity
  • Helps prevent against mold and bacteria growth 
  • Removes unwanted food odors
  • Absorbs damaging ethylene gas
  • Extends the life of fresh cut flowers
  • Extends the quality, freshness and life of produce
  • Keeps glass doors, walls and floors dryer
  • Reduces damaging frost/ice build up
  • Helps stabilize your coolers temperatures
  • Saves on coolers equipment run time, maintenance and energy

Food Industry

Humifilter greatly extends the life of your fruits and vegetables, and other perishable foods. Learn More >

Floral Industry

Our floral industry Humifilters have been designed to remove damaging ethylene gas. Learn More >

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dairy queen
lunds byerlys
whole foods
med cruise
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