Humifilter Cooler Filters

Humiflter is a humidity control, ethylene gas and odor absorber and removal Cooler Filter. Used in cold storage walk-in and reach-in coolers it protects your goods and equipment. This is accomplished by using Humifliters exclusive odorless all natural mineral, Trilite, that is one of the most absorbant and breathable minerals in the world today. Trilite adapts to the highs and lows of your coolers humidity levels and stabilizes them. If your coolers humidity is to high it absorbs, and if it's to low it desorbs, so your cooler always has proper humidity. We know Food and Floral coolers are different and made with intended different humidity levels, (Food Coolers RH in the 70s%) (Floral Coolers RH 80% to 95% RH) That's why Humifilters, packaged in our specifically designed highly breathable natural materials is the most effective way to remove ethylene gas and control humidity for both food and floral coolers. Humifilter Cooler Filters are used in coolers and freezers in the restaurant, grocery, convenience, schools, hospitals, hotels, floral and transportation Industries.

Our exclusive line of filters:

  • Absorbs excess moisture and controls humidity
  • Helps to stabilize your coolers temperatures
  • Saves on coolers run time, energy and maintenance 
  • Prevents against mold and bacteria growth 
  • Removes cross-contaminating food odors
  • Keeps the quality of your food safe and fresh
  • Eliminates damaging ethylene and other gases
  • Extends the life of all produce and vase life of fresh cut flowers, etc…
  • Keeps glass doors dryer
  • Reduces damaging frost/ice build up
  • Extends the life of your refrigeration equipment


Here's what your colleagues say about cooler filters!

Produce Cooler: “Fruits kept in cooler, Strawberry and raspberry test; Life extended over 50%” “Overpowering ethylene gas reduced to just the nice smell of produce”.  Seafood Cooler: Had fishy odors and water on floor constantly, “Greatly Reduced” “Cooler coil had significant frost and condensation build-up blocking return air, eliminated by reducing the humidity”

Mary Watson
Vice President, Equipment
Whole Foods Market


“The Filters in our bouquet and walk-in coolers are making a significant difference in the “shelf life” of our cuts, bouquets and arrangements. Finally a devise that helps control the element that is most destructive to flowers”!

Nancy Vetsch

Floral Manager
Cub Floral / Maple Grove, MN
a SUPERVALU company